October 17, 2019

Cheesy At Sunset


After a rainy start to our day, the clouds parted and we were treated to a gorgeous evening and our own Cheesy at sunset.

Nothing quite as happy as a Cheesy at sunset
Nothing quite as happy as a Cheesy at sunset

Miss Cheaoh has reached the senior status where she gets to decide whether or not to walk with everyone else. Yesterday morning, during the drizzling rain, she opted to pass, but when the clouds gave way to sun, she decided to come out into the yard and play.

A Cheesy romping through the yard
A Cheesy romping through the yard

So the brilliant red in the sky or the brilliant red in our yard, we were celebrating our evening. Nothing like a Cheesy to make you smile.

A Cheesy smile
A Cheesy smile

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  1. Hu-Dad-that Cheesy smile started my day off with a smile of my own!! It’s great to see her so happy and love that she decides when she wants to walk(or not)!!


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