September 20, 2019

Walking Queen Of The Herd


With a wave of cooler and quite comfortable weather, Miss Cheoah is proving that she is still the walking queen of the Herd.

My brothers have nothing on me.
My brothers have nothing on me.

As Cheoah approaches her 14th birthday this December, she has the right to decide how far she wants to go on walks. In hotter weather, she often decides that a shorter walk is plenty while her brothers go for a longer stroll. After all, she has air conditioning and a soft bed waiting for her back at the house. But this week’s cooler weather has brought out the walking queen and she has kept up step for step.

Come on, boys, what do you mean you're tired?
Come on, boys, what do you mean you’re tired?

She put in nearly three miles on the morning walk and another two on the evening walk yesterday, the same as her younger brothers. She absolutely refused to give them the satisfaction of going anywhere without her. Of course, her reaction when we got home summed things up.

Woof. Keeping up appearances is tiring work.
Woof. Keeping up appearances is tiring work.

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  1. It just warms my heart to see Miss Cheoah keeping up with her brothers. THREE miles is awesome. I can’t even do that! Yes enjoying the cooler weather has been awesome for our boy too-laying on the back porch enjoying the sites and smells along with cool breezes.Enjoy your weekend all!!


  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Cheoah. I’ve been following your blog for a long time, and I remember when she was a new dog to the pack! So glad she’s doing well.


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