September 16, 2019

Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion


We had a sighting of the dreaded Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion and have a little story about Boom Boom and his daily routine.

The Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion
The Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion

We have lots of strange creatures to get used to after our move, but we never had cats visit our yard in Maggie Valley. We are sure that has something to do with how remote we lived, but a certain cat has become enthralled with our presence. We would show you pictures of our interest in the cat, but Hu-Dad is unable to be dragged along the ground and take photos at the same time. We promise to make him practice.

The Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion wisely making its escape from our yard.
The Murrells Inlet Mountain Lion wisely making its escape from our yard.

Since we don’t have any photos of us for this post, we thought we would share a little story about Landon (aka, Boom Boom). The important part of the story is that Boom Boom, despite his frantic ways, is actually a creature of habit. He must deposit his, er, blessing on a specific spot of ground at a specific time of day every day. And if he misses that time, then he has to wait a full 24 hours until everything is once again aligned for, well, you know.

The problem is that Landon is also easily distracted. And, once distracted, it is quite difficult to get him to focus on the task at hand. We have had dozens of humorous conversations about this over the years, but the other night was classic.

Hu-Dad: “Landon. Here is your spot. The clock says this is your time. Go.”

Landon: “Ok. All systems go. Assume the position. Focus. Focus.”

Unseen owl in the tree: “Who.”

Landon: “Wait! What was that?”

Hu-Dad: “Just an owl, Landon. Don’t worry about it. Focus, dude.”

Landon: “Ok. All systems go. Assume the position. Focus. Focus.”

Unseen owl in the tree: “Who.”

Landon: “Really. Who can concentrate with all of that racket?”

Hu-Dad: “Really? It’s a bird. An owl. That’s all. Now, focus.”

Landon…doubtfully: “Well, if you insist, though I am quite sure this is not going to work.”

Landon spins round and round until he gets his Feng Shui lined up perfectly: “Systems are ready. Firing.”

Owl: “Who.”

Landon: “No can do. Not happening.”

Hu-Dad: “Are you kidding me? Let’s go.”

Landon: “Nopity Nope Nope.”

Hu-Dad: “Sigh.”

An hour later…Landon: “I don’t feel so good.”

The cat, because you really don't want a picture of Landon at the moment.
The cat, because you really don’t want a picture of Landon at the moment.

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  1. Oh boy-poor Landon. I hope by now he has DONE his business and back into his routine. Amazing how a sound or even something he sees-like the cat-disrupts the natural order of things for Boom-Boom!


  2. The new fencing will be a relief, I imagine. Landon’s predictable timing is interesting and challenging.

    I had to send my 19 year old kitty on to the other side a week ago today. He was a tabby similar to your visitor, my snuggle buddy and a dog lover.


  3. Brave kitty…gators, huskies, natural disasters! Tantalizing the Herd may not prove to be his soundest decision. Over the years some of our girls have had feline besties and others have inspired terror in the family cats. Usually though it was simple husky curiosity which caused the ruckus…not one injury/serious problem, just some hissing and bushed-up tails. In the end peace reigned, safe zones were claimed and everyone coexisted well. By the way, have you found a good vet in SC yet? And how are the Herd members adjusting to the new environs, temperature, etc?


    1. We have settled on a vet and are very happy. Miss Cheoah just had senior exam last week and all the results came back very good.

      And the weather hasn’t been a big issue, though we have discovered the joy of the magic cold air vents. We didn’t have those at the old house, so they are awesome. Hu-Dad does say we tend to hog them.


      1. Now we can really relate to the magic cold air vent popularity! Louisville summers are famous for extreme humidity…probably why the leather sofa is the location of choice as opposed to the yard/patio. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince the girls that business must be transacted and not just held until the weather cools off. So very glad to hear Cheesewiz is hanging in there. Maggie, our 15 year old, is beginning to experience significant arthritis and we are holding our collective breath, hoping for the best. Hugs to the Herd!


        1. Look up inflapotion by Glacier Peak Holistics in Montana. When I gave it to my senior dogs, it was like the difference between night and day. It is all herbs.


  4. Maybe I am wrong but I get frustrated with neighbors (and I live out in the country) who think that there cat should roam the neighborhood. My husband has had cats in his past life and says cats do not need to be outside (because they could get hit or killed). The neighbor cats besides geeking up the dogs think our yard is their litterbox. That is irresponsible pet owners. If I did that as a dog owner, you can be sure someone would complain.


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