September 6, 2019

Safe, Sound, and Wet


As we write this, Hurricane Dorian is pulling away from us taking its wind, rain, and storm surge leaving us safe, sound and wet.

Frankie, Typhoon and Roscoe off on a tour of our neighborhood
Frankie, Typhoon and Roscoe off on a tour of our neighborhood

After taking days to arrive, Dorian was a fairly fast hurricane lasting about a day and a half. He left a ton of damage in his wake, including three big trees down in our neighborhood, but we are happy to report that we are safe, sound, and wet. Hu-Dad said this should be a scratch and sniff post so that all our readers enjoyed the full experience.

Surveying one of the big trees down in the neighborhood.

Many people on the coast have lost their homes and others are without power. We can’t complain, though, because our house is secure and we never lost power or even internet (at least as of the time Hu-Dad is writing this post). Tomorrow, the cleanup begins and our humans will be busy helping neighbors and cleaning up our own yard.

That’s a lot of cleanup.

P.S. – We continue to think of those still battling this storm and all of the people who have lost so much to it. Stay safe, be smart, and see you on the backside.

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  1. Hu-Dad I am SO happy you all are safe and sound! We are getting rain but think it isn’t anything to do with Dorian(I hope) Prayers to all who are still affected! have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Beautiful news! Very grateful that you are all safe and sound! We do continue to think of those battling the effects of Dorian. Hugs for everyone!!!


  3. So glad you all are ok…praying for those that didn’t fair so well. I’ve been without power for a week, it’s miserable. Take care, of yourselves, and others. High paws and loud aroos from our little pack…????♥️


  4. Mom’n Ebby say: So glad to hear your “soggy doggies” made it through the storm without anything bad happening, and that everyone is okay. Hope the clean-up goes well, and praise to the Lord for seeing you through, Prayers for all those who DID suffer loss and/or damage.


  5. I’m so glad it’s finally over.
    now for cleanup. just like you said. and …
    it’s what makes life … life! just getting on with it.
    hugs to all the herd. xoxo


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