A Simple Request For Landon

With the weekend fast approaching, Hu-Dad had a simple request for Landon for today’s post. Will Boom Boom cooperate or not?

Just a simple request for Landon...please look at the camera.
Just a simple request for Landon…please look at the camera.

Hu-Dad decided that all of our readers would love to end the week staring at the Boom’s beautiful blue eyes, so he asked if he would turn to the camera and smile. Funny thing about photography and animals is how rarely the process goes smoothly.

Nope, not looking at the camera.
Nope, not looking at the camera.

One of our most popular questions is how many photographs Hu-Dad has to take until he gets what he was after. The answer is a lot. He often takes photo after photo after photo until, finally, the snap comes out just right.

A Landon smile for your weekend.
A Landon smile for your weekend.

9 thoughts on “A Simple Request For Landon”

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful smile Landon. I needed that today, I just had to let my precious Amarok go to the rainbow bridge.

  2. Is Landon wearing more than one collar? I see a ring for his tag and a ring for his leash and then an empty ring – how did you get so many rings? I would love to have separate rings for tags and leashes.

    And thanks for the Landon smile!

    • We aim to confuse!

      We wear two collars. We wear a break-away collar around the house and in the yard. We had a scary incident years ago when Queen Natasha almost choked to death wearing a regular collar. Since that day, none of us have ever been left unattended wearing a regular collar. A break-away has two rings so the human can hold both to prevent it “breaking.”

      For walking on a leash, we wear martingale collars. They hang by the door and the collar is slipped over our head. Once we are back home, that collar comes right off.

      Since our fence is still not ready, we are walked on leash in the yard, so Landon is wearing both collars in these photos.

  3. He knows he also has a handsome profile. Glad you held out and got that beautiful front view, he is gorgeous and that is a wonderful way to enter the weekend

  4. Sorry this is late BUT just had to say I just LOVE Landon’s smile and blue eyes. It’s such a dreary rainy day here. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Landon, those icy blue eyes of yours are beautiful, and whether it’s head on, or profile, you look handsome. The blue eyes in profile make you look totally focused and intent on something. I wonder if that’s a trait all blue-eyed Siberians share, because our IceMan had that same look about him.

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