Tartok – 6/30/05 – 7/3/19

Our 14-year-old cousin Tartok went to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday and we wanted to take a moment to mourn his passing.

Tartok and his sister Ruby at our Hu-Grandmom's house.
Tartok and his sister Ruby at our Hu-Grandmom’s house.

Our Hu-Grandmom (Hu-Dad’s mom) shares her house with our cousins, Tartok and Ruby. Tartok, aka Tuxedo Man and “Dude,” took his journey to the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday afternoon just a few days after his fourteenth birthday.

Tartok sprawled on the Hu-Grandmom's deck.
Tartok sprawled on the Hu-Grandmom’s deck.

Over the years, we have shared tons of adventures with our cousins, including lots of S-RV trips. Tartok and Frankie Suave had may common traits, including the normally cool attitudes and their fear of thunder and other loud noises.

Tartok settled into his observation post.
Tartok settled into his observation post.

Hu-Dad was able to be with our Hu-Grandmom and Tartok in those final moments and we just wanted our Hu-Grandmom to know we are thining of here as her house had grown a little quieter.

We also thought it was a perfect moment to share a video from the past when eight of us, Herd and our Cousins of The Herd Annex, went walking together down the beach.

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  1. Mom sez: I remember those walks with Rusty very well. I still think he was one of the coolest. Sad to hear that Tartok has crossed over the Rainbow Bride, but I’m sure he crossed, knowing he was well-loved by you, as well as the Hu-Grandma. Fourteen years was a good term of life for Tartok, and I know he’s going to be missed. Hugs and belly rubs for everyone from me’n Ebby, please.

    • I am so sorry for yours and Hu-Grandma’s loss. He is in a great place getting his ears scratched by Jesus. God bless you guys and hold you in his loving arms in this time of need. Hugs and kisses to the herd including Ruby as well.

  2. Sad for you loss. Tartok had a wonderful home and extended family, and was loved and that is the best gift we can give our fur children. Special hugs and belly rubs for all the cousins.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Tartok. I know how heartbroken you must be. Hopefully, you can take comfort in thinking of all his brothers and friends, waiting to greet him at the Bridge. Thinking of you…

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. It was nice to see all the pups in the video. The Rusty walk still brings me a smile. Hugs to all.💔

  5. It’s always so tough. I hope your mom and Ruby will have each other for some time to come. It brought to mind a quote by Agnes Sligh Turnbull. “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

  6. I am glad that Hu-dad got to be there for his mom and for Tartok. What a special family hu-dad and hu-grandma have. Hugs for all the dogs.

  7. Oh Tartok! Such a beautiful sweetheart of a boy. What a great video, seeing all the old fluffy tails again! Especially silly Rusty again. <3 to hu-Grandma and you all too. And to Miss Ruby who will no doubt miss her fluffy partner.

  8. I was just thinking about Tartok the other day and was wondering how he was doing. Glad you could be there for him in his final moments. (((Hugs))) to the Hu-grandma. Our heart goes out to her.

  9. My condolences to all on Tartok’s passing. He was a gorgeous boy. Hugs all around for the humans and the dogs.

  10. Noooo… I’m so very sorry for your profound loss… my heart aches with you all. Precious Tartok run free baby doll❤️🐾💔

  11. So sorry…our Fur Kids are never with us long enough. We get through it, never over the loss. We Dog lover’s can take solace in the fact that such near perfect creatures full of unconditional love, are surely at peace. Soft woos from Siniy, Bolt and Radar♥️😑

  12. So sorry to heard of the lost of Tartok😔It is always hard to lose a fur baby but each one brings wonderful memories and happiness to a family. He will be missed dearly by all the 4 legged and 2 legged in his life. RIP!

  13. My heart is aching for all of you. May you be comforted with the wonderful memories of this sweet furchild.

  14. I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words to help or make things better.. and what we do have seems highly inadequate.. but our love support and condolences are all we can offer …

  15. I have gotten behind on these and just say this. Sorry to hear this. I always loved hearing about the extra Herd. Hopefully she gets Ruby a new playmate of some sort soon 🙁

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