Disturbing A Lazy Afternoon

Cheoah was napping away on her couch during a perfect lazy afternoon when a disturbance arose. And, no, her brothers were not responsible.

Whoa! What are you doing here?
Whoa! What are you doing here?

The brothers were outside enjoying a beautiful spring day, so Cheoah claimed her couch and curled up for a long nap. A clicking sound woke her up and she was not happy.

Can someone please tell him to go away?
Can someone please tell him to go away?

If her brothers were outside, who dared to disturb her nap? The Hu-Dad and his camera. What does a girl have to do to have a quiet afternoon?

Go away, Hu-Dad. Can't you see how busy I am?
Go away, Hu-Dad. Can’t you see how busy I am?

6 thoughts on “Disturbing A Lazy Afternoon”

  1. Oh Cheoah-Hu-Dad takes pictures of you because you ARE such a beauty. I guess you have to sacrifice some nap time to have him take those pesky photos!!

  2. You poor baby girl! Izzy feels the exact same way about that clicking camera… it’s an utter nuisance! But we all love seeing your beautiful face🥰

  3. It’s not always easy being Cheesy. Face it you’re never too old to be a cover girl. Your public loves you.

  4. Ruby says: It’s either the dreaded camera or the torturing brush to annoy a beautiful redheads day of rest. Enjoy sleep when you can get it.

  5. Cheoah your face says it all! And you thought your brothers were annoying! Hu-dad with his quick shutter speed can be just as quick, and cover as more ground with a zoom! It’s ok girl…you’re still as gorgeous as usual!😄🐺🐾💕

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