Spring Malfunction

We hope Mother Nature has a good warranty program, because we need to return our weather. We had a spring malfunction yesterday.

Wait a minute. This doesn't look like spring.
Wait a minute. This doesn’t look like spring.

We knew our string of sunny days was bound to end, but we didn’t expect it to end with swirling snow showers. Yes, we were being pummeled off and on yesterday with bouts of snow, though never enough to start accumulating anywhere.

Hu-Dad - We seem to have a spring malfunction.
Hu-Dad – We seem to have a spring malfunction.

Now most of us didn’t really mind the snow though it sent Hu-Dad into a grumbly mode. But at least one of us looked less than happy with the cold, blowing wind.

Landon in a rare moment of not "Boom Boom" happy.
Landon in a rare moment of not “Boom Boom” happy.

7 thoughts on “Spring Malfunction”

  1. You CANNOT trust Mother Nature it seems. Poor Hu-Dad being unhappy with the snow and also Landon didn’t seem too happy either. Here’s hoping that malfunction of Spring won’t be here again for a while and sunny days will return very soon!

  2. Knowing Sibes…as we’ve gotten to, I’m surprised by Boom Boom’s disgruntled-ness. Our 2 loves nothing more than swirling white flakes! Noses up, as if to smell each one…that said, our fluffy bottoms also enjoy a warm driveway to bake on, and a sunny day to chase other. Wait! I just realized…Sibes are as fickle as the weather!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿบ๐Ÿพ

  3. Maybe you guys will have a better day today. Looks like you sent mean mother nature to New England so Ruby can get more snow for the weekend!!

  4. This time of year is iffy. We get that grainy, icy snow. Yuk. Roscoe looks like he walked under a salt shaker. ๐Ÿ™

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