March 16, 2019

Roscoe Tongue Hanging Out


We kid our new boy that the Roscoe Tongue is quite the sight to behold and might even be a trip hazard in warmer weather.

The Tongue is starting to slip out.
The Tongue is starting to slip out.

With just the hint of warmer weather to come, Roscoe has already shown his favorite method for cooling off – extending the tongue. We are a little surprised it fits in his mouth and think we might have a mismatch.

Oh, come on, it's not that big.
Oh, come on, it’s not that big.

Roscoe tries to claim that there is nothing unusual, but let’s just see how it looks after walking a little this afternoon.

Yep, bigger than his mouth.
Yep, bigger than his mouth.

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  1. AAWW Roscoe-I think you are adorable with that LONG tongue sticking out! Tell the others in the Herd they are jealous-lol. It’s the Roscoe way of cooling off.


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