Upside Down Backward Walking

Just when you think Typhoon has accomplished the most unusual leash walking, he throws in the upside down backward walking style.

The Little Prince trying out a new walking style - upside down backward walking
The Little Prince trying out a new walking style.

We were out on one of our regular walks when Typhoon decided he hadn’t created an unusual enough style to keep the Hu-Dad entertained. He threw himself on the ground, flipped over on his back, and wallowed along the trail. Even Roscoe was amused.

What are you looking at, Roscoe?
What are you looking at, Roscoe?

Hu-Dad suggested that our walk might take a wee bit longer if Typhoon insisted on sliding along the trail on his back, but we don’t think His Haughtiness really cared.

Everyone's a critic of Typhoon's new style.
Everyone’s a critic of Typhoon’s new style.

7 thoughts on “Upside Down Backward Walking”

  1. Typhoon Phooey-you have once again outdid yourself in ways to make me laugh!!! I would have loved to be there and to see Roscoe trying to figure out what the heck is big brother is doing!

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