March 1, 2019

Not Quite Outside


Without her customary comfort of either a fire in the fireplace or a sunny spot, Cheoah opted to lay by the door, but not quite outside.

Where is my sunshine?
Where is my sunshine?

Depending on the weather, Cheoah can be found in one of two places. On cold, blustery days, she curls up on the couch in the den in front of the fireplace. On warm, sunny days, she stretches out on the deck and absorbs the radiant sunshine. But what to do on a cloudy but warm day?

Unimpressed with Hu-Dad's attempt to show it's warm outside.
Unimpressed with Hu-Dad’s attempt to show it’s warm outside.

Hu-Dad opened the door thinking she would enjoy the warm air, but earned only a look of scorn in return.

Either my sunshine or my fire—your choice.
Either my sunshine or my fire—your choice.

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  1. Poor Cheesewhiz-NO sun BUT not cold enough for a fire! What’s a girl to do? I guess give Hu-Dad that look of disdain when he opened the door-lol


  2. Ruby wants to send you some of her snow so you can do slides in the sun. Crazy redheads must stick together!!


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