Cheesewhiz Morning Routine

After our pre-sunrise walk and scrumptious breakfast, our favorite redhead performs the Cheesewhiz Morning Routine before first nap.

Sunrise glowing off her red coat.
Sunrise glowing off her red coat.

In lieu of Miss Kiska’s intense patrols of the fenceline, Cheoah performs a more casual stroll around the perimeter checking to make sure everything is secure. She is quite thorough in her search, even if it is not particularly fast.

Almost done here with the Cheesewhiz morning routine
Almost done here (and like my “snow nose?”)

As the sun rises higher in the sky, Cheoah is satisfied that the yard is as it should be and moves on to an important component of her day. Couch time is a key priority and she makes sure it is on her calendar.

Wake me if anything important happens.
Wake me if anything important happens.

11 thoughts on “Cheesewhiz Morning Routine”

  1. Cheoah-you are very important and take the yard’s safety quite seriously. I am so glad to know that BUT then comes the lovely nap to top off your routine. I know Hu-Dad will wake you if any happens you need to know about!

  2. Ms Cheoah I’m sure nothing dares to set foot in the fence with you on patrol! The sunrise reflecting off your fur is beautiful (love your cute ”snow” nose). You have earned a nap on your lovely couch.

  3. Ms Cheoah is not slow she is thorough in her investigation. Besides with a new member (Roscoe) she has to show him carefully what is to be done, Miss Kiska kept on her students Ms Cheoah prefers not to repeat herself… different styles same results

  4. WOW!!! GORGEOUS picture of a Beautiful Red sibe with a Glowing Sunrise πŸŒ……
    Wonderful pictures of Cheoah!!! She’s adorable curled up on her couch,too!
    Sorry for such a late response…long, busy weekend 😱I’m just now relaxing+ checking email!!
    Thanks for the glimpse of a beautiful sunrise (haven’t had one like that here for months!!!)

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