Squirrel Hunter Brothers

During our S-RV beach excursion, the boys – our Squirrel Hunter Brothers – have bonded over their pursuit of the elusive tree rats.

Look! Up in the tree!
Look! Up in the tree!

As we have explained before, squirrels are quite rare at the house. Not just because we would chase any that appeared, but they are just not common at our altitude. So when we are at the beach, we are fascinated at the chattering little critters.

Let's gang up and catch one.
Let’s gang up and catch one.

In case you are wondering, Cheoah is along for this particular walk. She is several steps behind the boys laughing that they think catching a tree rat while on a leash might be possible.

Chaos as another one gets away.
Chaos as another one gets away.

4 thoughts on “Squirrel Hunter Brothers”

  1. It just goes to show Cheoah-your SILLY brothers THINK they can tree a squirrel and catch it while on a leash? YOU on the other hand just watch and LAUGH behind their backs-lol

  2. Well…it is POSSIBLE!
    We know, because Rory did catch a squirrel while I was walking her on 6 foot leash! She also jumped up and caught a bird(goldfinch) mid-air as it flew by us.That was in her younger years!! She is still able to catch mice+moles easily…she just “pounces” on them when we are out for our walk.We live on a rural street,and there is no shortage of critters!! She also caught a woodchuck while she was tied out in the front yard!! Her hunting prowess is AMAZING(and I had Setters before her!!)
    I love the pictures of all the brothers together!!!

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