November 29, 2018

Cold Weather Picnic


Landon proposed a cold weather picnic during our current S-RV excursion. Hu-Dad’s reaction wasn’t what the Boom Boom was hoping for.

I have a great idea! Let's eat outside for dinner!
I have a great idea! Let’s eat outside for dinner!

The low at the house yesterday was 12° and the high was 26° (yes, Fahrenheit), but we are in the middle of our S-RV excursion to the coast where it is much warmer. Well, sort of warmer. Hu-Dad calls it “brisk.” Landon thought it was perfect weather to eat outside and climbed onto the picnic table to make his case.

Why are you laughing, Hu-Dad?
Why are you laughing, Hu-Dad?

Fine, Hu-Dad won this round and we ate our dinner inside the S-RV. Landon says not to worry – he has other ideas that Hu-Dad is bound to find interesting.

Maybe those squirrels want to come inside to stay warm?
Maybe those squirrels want to come inside to stay warm?

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  1. Sorry Boom Boom-we humans DON’T have that nice warm coats you sibes have and eating dinner outside won’t be much fun! NO the squirrels CANNOT come in the S-RV!


  2. Well I’ll admit it LOOKED like a beautiful day for a Sibe picnic, Boom Boom… I don’t think it FELT like a good picnic day for the furless humans though!


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