November 27, 2018

Just Another Beach Day


We know, we know – our photographs today show just another beach day. But, Roscoe thinks this whole S-RV to the beach thing is pretty cool.

Prancing in the sand and sun.
Prancing in the sand and sun.

Temperatures are hovering below freezing with some sleet and ice at home in the mountains, so we are continuing to hang out at the beach. For some reason, that concept makes Hu-Dad smile.

Even Typhoon is smiling.
Even Typhoon is smiling.

And, don’t worry, the whole family is down here at the beach with us. We even have photographic proof:

The obligatory family holiday photograph - complete with silly faces.
The obligatory family holiday photograph – complete with silly faces.

For those who are wondering, yes, Frankie is with us, too. Just look over Landon’s shoulder and you will see Frankie in the background.

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  1. Herd….Hudad is keeping you away from possible SNOW! Get him!!!


    Enjoy your trip! As someone who has never been to the beach for a variety of worthless reasons, it actually always looks fun in these photos 😀


  2. Dear Roscoe: Pay attention to what Hu-Dad and the rest of the Herd has to say. Eat all of your food, and you’ll put some meat on your bones and fill in your coat. You’ve done well the first week. Have fun!


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