October 13, 2018

Why We Have A Nightly Walk


Last night, the humans went into town to a restaurant and we didn’t get our nightly walk. The ensuing chaos explains why that should never be skipped.

Hey, Big Bro, I didn't get my nightly walk.
Hey, Big Bro, I didn’t get my nightly walk.

Study that picture above carefully and you will note that Frankie is communicating quite clearly his desire to be left alone. And, yet, Landon ignored him. Why? Because he knows his big bro is a pushover.

Ha! Knew I could get you wrestling.
Ha! Knew I could get you wrestling.

Unfortunately, Landon also forgets that his big brother is stronger, more skilled, and more experienced in the art of dealing with pesky brothers. Thus, the following always happens.

Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

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  1. Poor Landon-he won’t learn that his bro Frankie is better at wrestling BUT Hu-Dad-he had all the pent up energy from NOT taking his walk to get out!!! Once again-I am still laughing!!!


  2. Funny how when we’re with them most of the time, they think we should never go anywhere without them. Pack mentality. I’ve been punished for doing so. 😉


  3. Mom sez: I can just about guess what Frankie is saying : “Knock it off, you little pest, or I’ll SHOW you who’s boss”! Landon doesn’t “knock it off”, so, Frankie “shows him who’s boss”!


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