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Dynamic Dog Duo

While Frankie and Typhoon were along for our evening walk, Hu-Dad turned his camera on the dynamic dog duo of Cheese and Boom.

The oldest and youngest members of The Herd walking side by side.
The oldest and youngest members of The Herd walking side by side.

Boom Boom gets along with everyone, but he particularly adores his sister. He likes to hang out with her in the yard and loves when he gets to walk side by side with her on our daily strolls around the neighborhood.

The Dynamic Dog Duo.
The Dynamic Dog Duo.

Typhoon is busy with his antics while Frankie surveys the surroundings for possible threats, but our featured couple just walks.

End of the walk hydration.
End of the walk hydration.

5 thoughts on “Dynamic Dog Duo”

  1. LOVE Cheese and Boom Boom. Sweet that it’s the oldest and the youngest of the herd! To the Dynamic Duo-Keep Walking!!!

  2. I just love seeing them. Boom Boom could go so much faster and so much wilder but he stays so close to her, keeping her company and I would feel bad for any tree rat that dared to challenge his sister.

  3. It’s sweet to see them hanging out together. Keeping company with younger ones is good for older ones. Goes for us also.

  4. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm sinse wun of the dynamic duo is a boy and wun is a girl i gess yoo kannot be batman and robin or electro woman and dyna girl so i am not shoor wich sooperhero doo-o yoo ar maybe yoo ar cloak and dagger??? i bet that is it!!! ok bye

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