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Critics Among Us

Ever work really hard to get something done only to hear the critics find fault? Well, that happens even here at Chez Herd.

Hey, the Hu-Dad cut our grass.
Hey, the Hu-Dad cut our grass.

With all of the rainy weather, our grass had become crazy tall and we were complaining that it tickled our bellies. With a break in the weather yesterday morning (before the daily afternoon thunderstorm), Hu-Dad broke out the lawn mower and cut the grass inside Sibe Quentin.

Shall we inspect how well he did?
Shall we inspect how well he did?

With the rush to get the work done, he didn’t get around to trimming the edges of the yard or mowing our field, so we aren’t sure this was his A+ work.

Missed a spot here, Hu-Dad.
Missed a spot here, Hu-Dad.

Movie Memory Monday

While Hu-Dad was working, he was dreaming of the approaching fall and cooler weather. And unlike most families who vacation in the summer, we vacation in the winter. That means RV season is approaching soon. To get us in the mood, this week’s Movie Memory Monday takes us back to a mid-winter RV excursion, our picketline, and Hu-Dad playing with timelapse photography. Enjoy Beach Picketline: Timelapse Video.

Click the image to see this week's Movie Memory Monday
Click the image to see this week’s Movie Memory Monday

8 thoughts on “Critics Among Us”

  1. Hu-Dad did the best he could with that wet grass and all he had to do so give him a break HERD!!!! You guys are SO fussy-lol. I’m happy you all got to enjoy the sunshine and hope it stays around for a while.

  2. Time lapse is a fun way to watch. (I got the emails for a couple of days, then nothing today. I’m resubscribing again.)

  3. Thanks for the great pictures,and video story… it’s amazing how much they turn their heads-its so noticable in speedy motion!
    They all look so content on the “gang -line”

  4. I think the dogs need longer lines like gone with the snow dogs. Your dogs can hardly move. I have one 12 yr old husky.

  5. hello thundering herd its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada has been a slakker abowt the yard and blayming it on the wether too!!! sumthing abowt it beeing ninety bazillyun degreez owt for the entire munth of julie!!! hay dada nobuddy beleevs yore ekskyooses!!! ok bye

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