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Stormy Weather Settles On Chez Herd

The next few days at Chez Herd are expected to be very wet thanks to some stormy weather drenching our region (and rattling Frankie).

Do I hear thunder?
Do I hear thunder?

On top of our mountain, we don’t have to worry about rivers coming out of their banks, but our neighbors in the valleys around us are very concerned the next few days. A weather system has started dropping – and will drop – a significant amount of rain. We are expected to get several inches of rain before the end of the day Thursday. Unfortunately for the regions of the world suffering from drought, we are not needing rain, so this excess is going to cause some challenges around creeks and rivers.

I wonder how long I can hold it and not go outside.
I wonder how long I can hold it and not go outside.

Thunder-phobic Frankie hasn’t been happy since the storms started and has decided on the hibernation approach until the system passes. He has moved into the coveted cave behind Hu-Dad’s writing desk and doesn’t plan to move.

Wake me when it is over.
Wake me when it is over.


7 thoughts on “Stormy Weather Settles On Chez Herd”

  1. AAWW Frankie-you are NOT alone with being afraid of storms and all that rain wetting your already heavy coat. I hope sunny days will be back for you very soon!!!

  2. Aww Frankie I’m sorry you’re getting those nasty thunder boomers… Izzy doesn’t like them at all either. Big hugs sweetie pie.

  3. Oh Frankie, totally understand! Amarok hates thunderstorms (and fire works, etc. etc.). Big hugs to you and hang in there.

  4. Poor Frankie…you can see the stress in his face. He can’t be “Suave” all the time. I’m sure Hu-Dad’s refuge for you will be used a lot in the next few days. Our little Herd sends you Woo’s and Wolf’s🐺💕

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