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Boom Boom’s Reluctant Bushy Tail

Landon’s bushy tail gives him away everywhere he goes, but when Hu-Dad tried to capture a photograph of it last night, Boom Boom hid it.

Why should I cooperate with the Hu-Dad? bushy tail
Why should I cooperate with the Hu-Dad?

Landon’s tail is always flicking and swinging, revealing his perpetual happy state. And when he is sneaking around the house hiding behind furniture, the tail gives away his position. With such a prominent feature, how well could he hide it if Hu-Dad decided to get a few photographs?

Not showing it. Nope.
Not showing it. Nope.

Just proof that our good-natured Boom Boom is like every other Siberian Husky on the face of the planet, always willing to buck the human’s request. But the Hu-Dad might have been more patient and just waited for the perfect moment.

Can't hide that bushy tail
Can’t hide that bushy tail.

5 thoughts on “Boom Boom’s Reluctant Bushy Tail”

  1. That tail is the first thing I noticed when Landon joined the Herd. It’s so beautiful! Don’.t try to hide it, Boom Boom.

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