Beware The Basement Burglar

A crime wave has broken out at Chez Herd. We have surveillance footage of a basement burglar making his escape without being caught!

Cheesewhiz fails to notice a basement burglar in her private space.
Cheesewhiz fails to notice a basement burglar in her private space.

Our bandit realizes that he was almost caught so now he must make a daring dash in broad daylight. Can he escape without Cheesewhiz detecting his presence? The tension is in the air!

Who knew a Boom Boom could be so quiet?
Who knew a Boom Boom could be so quiet?

Does he show remorse? Is he sorry for his trespass? Will he repent never to transgress again?

Nope. Just laugh as he runs aways!
Nope. Just laugh as he runs aways!
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10 thoughts on “Beware The Basement Burglar

    • Thanks for letting us know. Don’t you love when automated software doesn’t work? Sigh.

      Though we decided to blame our cute little burglar. Clearly he stole the subject line and all of the links in the first email. Right?

      Ok, fine, we blame Hu-Dad because everything is his fault. Now where’s breakfast?

  1. Boom Boom is quite the trickster. Stealth, quiet and determined. Very skillful Landon. Very skillful…either that or Cheoh let you have this one….

    • Look out! Shameless plug ahead.

      Have you visited our Hu-Dad’s website – ? He writes stories that aren’t about us over there. We know, we are much cuter, but every now and then, he tickles us.

      For example, did you hear about the time he saw Brad and His Date? Or how about his first stab at a new privacy policy for his website? Oh, and you can sign up over there for his newsletter.

      Still not as good as us, but we try to be nice to him every now and then.

      • I sure have been over there. I loved Brad and his date and the privacy policy-that is why I made the comment that you should write a humor book. I have four German Shepherds myself so I am partial to humor about dogs and lots of dogs. You are a very good writer for both serious and funny.

  2. …You can never really trust a basement burgler :O
    I’m just a bit partial…I think cheese whiz is just so adorable!!!

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