Rainy Weather Backup Plan

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Boom Boom’s afternoon games in the yard were interrupted by a thunderstorm, so he had to go with his backup plan for entertainment.

Boom Boom's plans interrupted by a thunderstorm.
Boom Boom’s plans interrupted by a thunderstorm.

For the last several days, Landon has remained outside from dawn until dusk, not once wanting to come inside. He and Cheoah, who shares his desire to be outdoors, hang out on the deck or in the yard. A little thunderstorm yesterday afternoon crested the mountain ridges and gave us a little rain, but it also interfered with Landon’s outdoor games.

Now I have to go with the backup plan.
Now I have to go with the backup plan.

Frankie and Typhoon spend the bulk of every day in the Hu-Dad’s study snoozervising his busyness. Boom Boom waited out the thunderstorm with his brothers in the study, which might have made Hu-Dad just a little nervous. After all, it looks like there might be some plotting and planning going on.

Dreaming up mischief? Who? Us?
Dreaming up mischief? Who? Us?

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  1. Oh Hu dad, you know the boys would never be plotting anything mischievous. I’m sure they were just wondering what they could do to help you! 😇

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