Fresh Cut Grass Celebration

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Hu-Dad spent much of his weekend mowing and weed eating – the dog lot and the field. And we decided a little fresh cut grass celebration was in order.

Look at all of that fresh cut grass.
Look at all of that fresh cut grass.

We love snow, don’t get us wrong. But the feel of thick grass under our feety-feet is pretty awesome, too. After the Hu-Dad did all of his mowing, we had to have a little party. Typhoon’s version went a little like this:

Wheeeeeeeeee! Fresh Cut Grass Celebration

What do you do after you dance this hard? Strike a pose, of course. John Travolta, eat your heart out.

Does this remind you of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?
Does this remind you of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

Movie Memory Monday

We love to sing. A lot. And Morning Choir Practice continues to this day. This week’s Movie Memory Monday take you back to one of our practices.

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Grass Celebration

  1. Thanks for the grass cutting reminder! We need some rain to get some of the pollen out of the air! Enjoy! John has come a long way since Sat Night Fever!

  2. TYphoon-I bet you had a GREAT time in that nice soft grass after your Hu-Dad cut it all so nicely for you and your pack!!!

  3. Ahhhh singing the song of their people!
    Nothing like freshly cut grass to rouse an exhilarating sibe-lebration!

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