April 14, 2018

Couch Occupied (An Unhappy Cheesewhiz)


As always, the Hu-Dad is to blame, but a very unhappy Cheesewhiz complains that she found HER couch occupied by visitors.

The horror of discovering your couch occupied.
The horror of discovering your couch occupied.

A beautiful spring evening here in the mountains, so Hu-Dad thought everyone would be fine hanging outside in the yard – while he had other humans over for dinner.

That’s right, folks, more absolute proof of our rough living conditions that Hu-Dad prepared special food and drinks – and we were forced to stay outside. People visited who would have succumbed to our demands to ear scratches and belly rugs, yet we were not allowed in. And, worst of all for Cheoah, people sat on HER couch.

There is no end to our abuse.

If I close my eyes, maybe it was all a nightmare.
If I close my eyes, maybe it was all a nightmare.

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  1. AAAWW Sweetie-I know by now those humans have left and once again you are laying on YOUR couch!!!! That mean Hu-Dad-lol


  2. Oh Cheoah!!! That was not nice
    of hu-dad!! You need to visit and you need your beauty sleep on your couch!! The horror of the herd left outside! Must make hu-dad understand…muuusstt make…(snoorreee)… Happy weekend!!


  3. The thought of it all! How on dog’s green earth could other humans not be utterly enthralled with giving out ear scratches and belly rubs to you fluffy kids!!!


  4. Sabo the German Shepherd Attorney At Paw here

    Hu-dad, part of your contract of care with the herd is to maintain their standard of living. As you know Cheesewiz has established a permanent ownership of the couch visa vi consistent occupancy. Therefore you cannot just evict her from her rightful place, she is to be afforded due process which includes notice, a right to a hearing and appeal if necessary
    Since you failed to meet these basic rights she has suffered permanent emotional distress
    Therefore we are requesting compensation in the form of steak, extra ear scratches and a guarantee that her spot on the couch will not be denied in the future.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter


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