Frankie Suave Mesmerized By The View

Frankie Suave is mesmerized by the view of so many rabbits appearing in our field – an early sign of spring in our mountains.

Mesmerized by lots and lots of bunnies.

Mesmerized by lots and lots of bunnies.

January was cold and snowy. February was warm and rainy. The grass inside Sibe Quentin is greening and growing. That combination has created a rabbit explosion outside of the walls of Sibe Quentin. We see dozens and dozens of bunnies hopping around the field as they go about their chores (which heavily seem to be making more bunnies).

All of this activity has the attention of all of the dogs, but Frankie has been the most amusing. He doesn’t run around excitedly. Instead, he stands still – which is how he earned his nickname Suave. A motionless statue for minutes on end.

No, I am not moving. I don't care how many photos you take.

No, I am not moving. I don’t care how many photos you take.

Way Back Wednesday

This week’s Way Back Wednesday, Stretching Before Exercising, is only two years old. We share it not because of its age, but because of a funny email we received this week.

We receive lots and lots of requests to advertise on our website. We finally did relent and allow some advertising (Google and Amazon) simply because the revenue helps offset the cost. We had to really beef up the server a few years ago because of the volume of traffic – a good problem to have, but there is a cost to that.

Anyway, we ignore the vast majority of requests for advertising space because we don’t think it is appropriate. We thought we would share with you the craziness.

The email came with the subject line “Love your article about stretching! (and a proposal),” provides a link to today’s Way Back Wednesday post, and then offers us links to an article entitled “Avoid These Workout and Post Workout Mistakes To Maximize Your Results.”

Somehow, we don’t think they actually bothered to look at our post. Take a look for yourself and ask if you think you would be enticed to look at ways to avoid workout mistakes.

Typhoon demonstrates Doga.

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  1. Jean Burkhardt on March 7, 2018 at 6:01 am

    Frankie AKA Suave looks almost like a statue watching those BUNNIES!!!! I so love getting these emails each day and they bring a smile to my face and yes-even a laugh!!!

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