Boom Boom’s Rainy Day Decisions

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We are having a dreary, soggy weekend and each of us have had our own reactions. Hu-Dad questions Boom Boom’s rainy day decisions.

Soaked picnic table and puddles.
Soaked picnic table and puddles.

As the steady rain fell, Hu-Dad glanced out in the backyard and noticed Landon. Standing. Staring deep into the field. And getting soaked. So, the first question, “Why are you standing in the rain?”

Even the rabbits are hiding in this weather.
Even the rabbits are hiding in this weather.

Landon’s response to the question was to wander around the yard – slowly – while he sniffed the puddles. Hu-Dad did not seem to be impressed.

Splashing through the yard. - rainy day decisions
Splashing through the yard.

Hu-Dad decided to just let Landon be Landon and stay outside in the rain if he wanted. And, of course, moments later, Landon asked to come inside in his own unique way.

Hey, it's raining out here. Can I come inside?
Hey, it’s raining out here. Can I come inside?

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2 thoughts on “Boom Boom’s Rainy Day Decisions

  1. Landon-you are a funny boy!! One minute LOVING the rain and the next-“May I come inside now?”!! WE had to use two big towels to dry our boy Bradley off after being out in the rain earlier. REALLY coming down here in Delaware and some thunder boomers too!!!

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