Senior Evening – Film Friday

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After a cold, rainy, snowy start to February, we had one of those rare sunny days – which made for a perfect senior evening for a Film Friday.

Kiska and Qannik ventured into the yard with Hu-Dad to enjoy the near perfect weather. Nothing like a quiet evening to sniff the grass, walk the fence, and scan the horizon for any interesting critters. And, of course, spend some quality time with the Hu-Dad including quite a few ear scratches for the always fuzzy Miss Kiska.

We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the setting sun during a senior evening in this week’s Film Friday.

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6 thoughts on “Senior Evening – Film Friday

  1. Do the dogs ever get to swap sides? Just for the experience of different sniffs? Seniors on the side with the table and tree and youngsters to the other side? Or are Q and Kiska forever banned from table and tree sniffing now? 🙂

    • Unfortunately, neither Kiska nor Qannik can safely jump on the picnic table reliably. And jumping down can be worse. Old and stiff joints just aren’t any fun.

      So Hu-Dad limits their access to it except when he can be out there and watching.

  2. They look amazing. I was just wondering, was Q-tip limping? Or was it just the way he was moving on the slanted hill?

    Miss Kiska has the most beautiful face … truly

    • Unfortunately, yes, Mr. Q has a limp. We are treating his arthritis but as he tires, the limp can become quite pronounced. We monitor his activity very carefully to ensure that he is comfortable.

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