A Typhoon Phooey Blockade

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Typhoon has enjoyed being king of the porch in Frankie Suave’s absence, but how does his blockade hold when Frankie returns?

I am Typhoon. Hear me roar!
I am Typhoon. Hear me roar!

For the last week, the Little Prince has strutted around the yard like a king. His favorite game has been to claim the porch as his own personal fiefdom. No one is really paying any attention to his efforts, but at least he is in charge in his own mind.

As Frankie has recovered, his yard time has increased, albeit under Hu-Dad’s close supervision. And what does Frankie think of Typhoon’s gatekeeper role?

Back off, Big Brother, my porch!
Back off, Big Brother, my porch!
I will stand my ground - oomph!
I will stand my ground – oomph!
Hey, wait, no fair.
Hey, wait, no fair.

Pretty much the same reaction everyone else has had.

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