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Working Breed, Working Boom Boom

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We Siberian Huskies are known for being quite the energetic working breed, as demonstrated by our very own Working Boom Boom.

Proof of a working Boom Boom at fence patrol
Proof of a working Boom Boom at fence patrol

After several days of warm, sunny, fall weather, we are about to take a decided turn toward winter for the rest of the week. Tuesday is supposed to bring a steady, cold rain followed by plummeting temperatures (and why couldn’t the temperature fall first to give us some glorious snow?). Everyone was trying to pack in a full day in the yard Monday before today’s yucky weather.

Boom Boom and his big brother scanning for rabbits.
Boom Boom and his big brother scanning for rabbits (and, yes, those are muddy paw prints on the sliding glass doors).

Frankie also got to spend much of the day outside, though under Hu-Dad’s direct supervision. Hu-Dad moved a laptop into the dining room so he could monitor Frankie’s activities while writing. Boom thought it was awesome having his brother in the yard even more, so he was fairly tired by the end of the day. Such is the life of a working dog.

Just going to close my eyes for a few minutes.
Just going to close my eyes for a few minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Working Breed, Working Boom Boom

  1. Mom ‘n Ebby say: What a good boy, Landon. Out in the yard with Frankie, just to make sure he doesn’t overdo it! How considerate!

  2. Wow…the Herd is quite busy! My 2 Sibes have already had to go into cold mode here in the Midwest. That means wanting to go outside every 20 minutes. While our fence is waiting for repair, going out means a human chaperone. Me being the said chaperone, has a different idea of what’s fun, and what’s just plain miserable. As usual, the fluffy coated beings win out. Busy bunch, these Huskies, busy, busy…..

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