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Boom Boom’s Camping Adventure

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We are off on a short S-RV excursion, so we thought we would let Boom Boom tell everyone about his camping adventure this weekend.

Landon smiling from our camping adventure
Landon smiling from our camping adventure

We came over the mountains into Northeastern Tennessee / Southwestern Virginia. Once we got to the campground and parked the S-RV, The Herd loaded up into their limousine (aka, Hu-Dad’s Jeep Wrangler) and explored Bristol TN/VA and Kingsport, which gave lots of people the opportunity to meet us.

And then on the way back to the park, Hu-Dad had to stop because a small herd of deer were crossing the road, but then half of them stayed on one side and half stood on the other side. Hu-Dad says he really wishes someone behind us had gotten a picture of all of us hanging out windows on both sides of the jeep while talking to our deer friends.

One of The Herd’s favorite rangers, Ranger Sarah, walked with us through the park. Now the rest of The Herd has walked with Ranger Sarah, but this is the first time for me.

Sorry, I'm getting sleepy.
Sorry, I’m getting sleepy.

After dinner, we all got really sleepy like we could sleep all night long and not wake up until morning. For some reason, that makes Hu-dad smile.

Anyway, got to rest up for more adventure tomorrow.


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