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Dusk Dash – Delaying When Your Name Is Called

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Hu-Dad stepped out to the porch and called us to come inside. Five of six of us complied right away, though someone did the dusk dash as the sun set.

Are you calling me?
Are you calling me?

As the sun set and darkness fell, Hu-Dad called for us to come inside the house. He has these silly safety rules about insisting on being able to see us when we are outside, but he had not turned on the outside floodlights yet. No real surprise that a certain pup, who prides himself on his ornery ways. refused the initial call or two or three. But when Typhoon finally decided to comply, he kicked in the afterburners.

Coming, dad, after only the fifth calling of my name!
Coming, dad, after only the fifth calling of my name!

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4 thoughts on “Dusk Dash – Delaying When Your Name Is Called

    • His fur is slowly – slowly – growing back. That shaving was done back in the spring and he has been on a supplement for months to help it come back.

  1. Yupper SHS in my House too. Selective Hearing Siberian.

    Call Koda at the top of my lungs so that 3 streets over can hear me 10 Times: ? Mom did you say something? Thought not.

    Open a bag as quietly as possible: hi, sorry it took .0003 seconds to get here I was sleeping in the far bedroom, did you need me to assist with that bag of chips?

    Brats I tell ya hahahaha.

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