November 10, 2017

No Fluff Frankie – Film Friday


A simple request for a Film Friday – our most reliable member of The Herd to do something he does every day – until No Fluff Frankie.

Every single night – and we mean every night – Frankie Suave races to the human bed and fluffs the pillows and blankets to meet his requirements. With a series of foggy days chasing us all inside, Hu-Dad decided to capture a little of the FrankenMonsters Fluffing skills for a video, so he set up a camera and invited Frankie to head to bed.

Everyone knows what happened next, right? Absolutely nothing. Yep, that’s right – nothing. Which is why we call this Film Friday “No Fluff Frankie”

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  1. Ahh yes. Proper fluffing can not be done while being observed. Human presence is a distraction that prevents proper fluffing focus. Time to set up a tripod and leave the room before Frank N Fluffer makes his entrance.


  2. Just like our Oakley! He is our resident blanket fluffer. I don’t know why I bother to make the bed because he fluffs it to his satisfaction every day. I’ve always thought Frankie reminds me of my Oakley… same mannerisms and similar markings. ????


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