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Attack Of The Giant Cotton Ball

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One of the hazards of hanging out on the porch is the relentless attack by a giant cotton ball, a fate that is always good for a few laughs.

Hi, Hu-Dad.
Hi, Hu-Dad.

Qannik has always been a happy-go-lucky, wink-and-a-grin type of guy. His biggest challenge is that he doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. If Hu-Dad sits down, then Q just interprets a lap to be sat in.

Having trouble focusing this close?
Having trouble focusing this close?

At least Hu-Dad was thankful that it wasn’t raining. Sixty pounds (er, excuse us, Q, you are down to about 55 pounds) of fluff is heavy enough, but when all of that fur is soaked from sitting in the rain, it is a special pleasure.

No one tell Q he has hair in his mouth.
No one tell Q he has hair in his mouth.

This week’s Throwback Thursday – Qannik believes in taking life in the slow lane, but his little brother Typhoon is all about the speed.

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