Humid Air, Frizzy Hair – Kiska’s Challenge

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While we don’t suffer the heat that so many of our readers face, we certainly have very high humidity – which creates Kiska’s challenge of frizzy hair.

Chief of Security on watch.
Chief of Security on watch.

The rest of The Herd has the naturally soft fur of Siberian Huskies, but Miss Kiska has some of the wooly coat that is found in a small percentage of our breed. The fur is longer, shaggier and much more prone to tangles. It also suffers from a high level of frizziness in our high summer humidity.

Let's just say I poof up.
Let’s just say I poof up, especially around the ears.

Yes, Kiska wants everyone to know that her beautiful coat does take lots of work – as much work as all of her brothers and sisters combined.

When will the dry air return?
When will the dry air return?

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6 thoughts on “Humid Air, Frizzy Hair – Kiska’s Challenge

  1. I love how her fur looks. I love how poofy she looks too. She is a rare beauty. I just want to snuzzle those ears. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  2. Oh I know well the trials of a wooly husky! My boy looks gorgeous, but the grooming is a big job. I never thought I’d envy huskies that blow their coat, but it would be nice to just pluck some of that loose fur out. The only way to get loose fur out of him is an intensive brushing. It’s worth it though, too see him looking beautiful like Miss Kiska does.

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