Air Conditioned Napping Spot

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Landon claimed the prime air conditioned napping spot on a warm summer afternoon – perfect for maximizing those mountain breezes.

Frankie naps in his crate while Landon has the upper bunk.
Frankie naps in his crate while Landon has the upper bunk.

First, you should know that we are such abused doggies. Our house does not have one of those magic cold air producing machines. Something about we rarely see 80ºF (26ºC), so we don’t really need it. In fact, we haven’t had an 80º day yet this year.


Breeze on my belly.
Breeze on my belly.

But we like to point out to the Hu-Dad that we are Siberian Huskies. Cold weather dogs. And even temperatures in the 70’s are warm. Somehow, that didn’t earn us any sympathy points with him. And he suggested we wouldn’t get any sympathy from our readers, either. Particularly if he pointed out that our covered porches are also equipped with ceiling fans.

Notice the body spread to maximize cooling.
Notice the body spread to maximize cooling.

We decided to prove Hu-Dad wrong, so we look forward to reading all of your notes of sympathy. Thus, Landon wanted to share pictures of him suffering terribly. We can already feel your sympathy rolling over us.

Don't I look pathetic.
Don’t I look pathetic?

Where has this week gone? It is Thursday already, so time for a Throwback Thursday video. We think song time would be perfect right about now, don’t you? So how about some morning choir practice?

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10 thoughts on “Air Conditioned Napping Spot

  1. Poor poor Landon… I don’t know how you survive in such dreadful cond!

    The Queen! Oh how beautiful! The Sibernacle Choir always gives me a chill of joy 😍😍😍😍

  2. Oh the horror of no air conditioning! Miss Mya says that is cruel and unusual punishment and that I had better not get any ideas about turning ours off! Of course, we are in the 90’s here in GA! Loved the throwback! Seeing the Queen made me smile. And it made Mya do some early morning singing as well!

  3. Eddie offers sympathy, as we also don’t have AC, though we have more warm days than you do. He’s also a fan of sprawling on the porch in the shade to enjoy the breeze off the lake, but his favourite trick (that he will share free-of-charge with his cousins to the south) is to pass out on the floor in the basement, the coolest spot in the house. If he could reverse-hibernate (sleep all summer until the snow comes back), he would.

  4. Vox always has zero sympathy for you guys. He’s forced into a morning walk every day where in the summer it’s many times above 75 and into the 80s before 9am where he lives.
    During the weekends, when he has free access to the back yard (and pool which he refuses to use!) it is many , many times above 100.

  5. No ac? Alert the ASPCA immediately! ;-D
    Nice to see Natasha and Typhoon is hilarious. His communication style fits his personality. Makes me feel bad that I only have one husky.

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