The Cause Of A Princess Pout?

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With a screech of horror, Cheoah threw herself into a fullscale princess pout. What could possibly be the cause of such emotional distress?

You will not believe my suffering.
You will not believe my suffering.

Busily working in his study, Hu-Dad jumped at the sound of Cheoah protesting loudly. He scrambled to the den and found Cheesewhiz staring at her favorite ottoman, her prime afternoon napping spot. Was it a bug? A larger creature? Some horrible infestation?

Not exactly. Someone had dared to lay a shirt across the ottoman. A shirt! On HER ottoman! Blocking her napping path!

The horrors.

With the shirt removed, Cheoah mounted her ottoman throne and prepared for her afternoon nap. Crisis has been averted.

Don't ever let it happen again.
Don’t ever let it happen again.

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6 thoughts on “The Cause Of A Princess Pout?

  1. The horror … poor princess to be put through such an aweful experience

    And to the shirt culprit please note how lucky you are .. in my pack the shirt would most likely have been removed and disassembled by the Tibetan Madtiff as punishment for such an egregious insult

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