June 30, 2017

Security Before The Storm – Film Friday


Summer is the time for little pop-up rain showers and yesterday was no exception. Kiska took one look at the darkening skies and called an “all paws on deck” event – security before the storm was her priority.

Each member of The Herd raced off to their assigned tasks – some more capable than others. Perimeters were patrolled, holes inspected, and decks secured.

And Cheoah, who doesn’t make an appearance in this week’s film, would like everyone to know that she was busy inspecting the couches inside the den. She confidently declares them safe from the storm – and comfortable for napping. And the pillows are properly fluffed just for good measure.

Satisfied with the hard work of the team, Kiska declared an all clear and everyone headed inside to stay dry and safe.

As often happens, the storm ended up giving us only a little rain as it passed us, but we were prepared just in case. And Kiska will be sure that we are ready for the next storm as well.

So lean back, relax, and enjoy this week’s Film Friday – Security Before The Storm.

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  1. You are starting to make me think that Boom Boom and Q-Tip have a lot more in common than I previously believed. 🙂


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