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Frankie’s Big Brother Project Time

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Landon has discovered Frankie’s big brother project time involves a project carried over from last year – the picnic table basement.

What are you doing down there, Big Bro?
What are you doing down there, Big Bro?

Last summer, we spent many hours excavating and perfecting our basement under the picnic table. We were quite proud, until a giant orange beast destroyed it.

Can I help? Please.
Can I help? Please.

Hu-Dad had relocated our picnic table for the winter and we did not dig under it at all. Then Hu-Dad moved the picnic table back to the same spot it was in last year. Guess what we started doing right away?

Big Brother Project Time.
Big Brother Project Time.

It’s a small start, but we expect to have a full basement completed in just a few weeks. Luxury accommodations just in time for summer!

Don't I have the coolest big brother?
Don’t I have the coolest big brother?

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5 thoughts on “Frankie’s Big Brother Project Time

  1. Mom ‘n Ebby say: We were wondering how come they never dug under the picnic table after it was moved to the new spot, or, never dug the old spot after the table was moved to the new spot. Does this mean the table had to be in that one spot only, for digging purposes?

    • Weird, isn’t it? We just had no interest in digging until Hu-Dad put the table back in our old spot. We like to keep him guessing, so we have never explained.

  2. You Sibes are very mysterious aren’t you…. not giving up the “dirt” on the no digging policy until the picnic table was returned to its regular spot! Well done 😍😍

  3. My neighbor had Huskies. They loved to dig in the ‘cool’ dirt and then lay in it. Had to be cool and shaded. I love your stories. Thought I never had a Husky myself, I babysat them when we lived at our old house.

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