Typhoon’s Rough and Challenging Day

We all have them. A rough and challenging day. Typhoon’s was yesterday and he expects lots and lots of sympathy for his troubles.

It all began when Hu-Dad produced a brush. An actual brush. And used it to remove some of Typhoon’s molting fur. The Munchkin was very displeased, but the day took another turn when he was loaded into the Jeep by himself. That could only mean one thing – the vet!

Greeter at our vet.

Carmella, the official greeter at our vet.

Our vet’s office has the official greeter cat, Carmella, who can usually be found snoozing in her bed or wandering the counters. She has been appropriately wary of The Herd (a couple of whom have shown a wee bit more interest than they should), but never an issue. The second we walked through the entrance yesterday, Carmella hissed loudly at Typhoon (who has never shown any interest in her). Typhoon jumped and moved as far away as possible. Good thing none of the rest of The Herd was around to see his (lack of) bravery.

Sporting a bandage from the blood draw.

Sporting a bandage from the blood draw.

Weigh in went well (43 pounds!) and off for a blood draw. Last year, Typhoon decided to fight the techs with his best weapon – screaming. Loud enough for everyone in the waiting room to hear. Upon completion, he exited with not one, but two bandages because of the struggle. This year, the staff was prepared for his antics and pulled out a secret weapon to ensure no repeat.

That's interesting.

That’s interesting.

For the record, that was the third offering. The first, liver treats, were spit out and left on the floor (despite the fact that they are the same liver treats he gets at home). The second, empty pill pockets, did not fair any better. The spray cheese, however, had enough novelty to be a perfect distraction. Blood was drawn, poking and prodding performed, and cheese administered.

Results from the exam were all good (we will receive results from the blood draw from the lab later) and he is now scheduled for a dental cleaning in February. We have already noted that he can be quite vocal in his displeasure, so that should be interesting. Hu-Dad is always reminded of the time he received a call to pick up Rusty early because he was being “exuberant.” A Typhoon reenactment might be in the offing.

In the meantime, Typhoon is expecting a quieter day today.



  1. KJ Pierson on January 19, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    What a gorgeous greeting cat! It surprises me he didn’t play bow to the cat. He looks like one that would love to play with it….or eat it.

  2. Lori on January 19, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Oh the things a young Sibe must endure! Sweet Typhoon I hope you got plenty of rest and extra cuddles after your arduous day! ????????

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