Maturity Starts At Some Point

Hu-Dad often looks at our resident trouble-maker, Typhoon, and asks exactly when maturity starts. No answer seems to be coming soon.

I am Typhoon. Hear me squawk.

I am Typhoon. Hear me squawk.

Typhoon’s annual physical is this week. Considering the amount of squawking and screaming that accompanies such a trauma, Hu-Dad might not be looking forward to the annual event. But, it is a reminder that Typhoon has now been a permanent resident of Chez Herd for four years. So, yes, that means Typhoon is, more or less, five years old. And, yet, he is still all puppy.

As the above picture proves, Typhoon still screams at the top of his lungs if a brush approaches his fur. And we mean that literally. He is screaming before the brush actually makes contact. (And, yes, we know some confirmed pluckers have enlarged the above picture and are doing their best to pluck the fur through their computer screens).

He can still throw the longest pout when he doesn’t get his way, is always picky about his food, and refuses to walk normally on a leash. And heaven forbid he is ever asked to conform to some basic command such as come, sit, stay. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Every day, the Hu-Dad asks the Perpetual Puppy exactly when he plans to grow up. And Typhoon gives his best Peter Pan response – never.

Grow up? Are you kidding?

Grow up? Are you kidding?


  1. Bug Gus on January 17, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Can you get the brushing on video? It has to be hilarious!

  2. 24 Paws of Love on January 16, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    We had to wait until the pups were 7 or 8 years old before they started acting their age!

    Ha! ha! Hang in their hu-dad!

  3. KJ Pierson on January 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    I’ve got Leena, from the same rescue, pretty much the same age, and we got them roughly at the same time….

    …and she is exactly the same on being a pup. The one difference is she will allow moderate brushing. Not for long periods. She hates plucking…which is terrible for her because I will pluck, I’ll even leash and hold her in place to pluck if I have to.

    So either it was a learned behavior, pack mentality, or whatever, I know the feeling!

  4. Mom 'n Ebby on January 16, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Mom sez: Too bad that when he first came to the Herd, you couldn’t have seen into the future when you were looking for a name for him. You could’ve named him “Peter Pan”, or “Petey” for short. Oh well, maybe someday, he’ll surprise everyone and all of a sudden, grow up. Be kind of a disappointment, though, wouldn’t it?

  5. How Sam Sees It on January 16, 2017 at 10:14 am

    Is there a stick going through your dog? LOL!

    He is handsome! …and we’ve got one of those eternal puppies too! Haha – some days….

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  6. Lori on January 16, 2017 at 8:03 am

    You have the bestest silly personality ever Typhoon!!!! ????????????

  7. Jane on January 16, 2017 at 7:14 am

    Ty tell Hu-Dad, “I don’t want to grow up I’m a toys r us kids.” I truly can’t blame him though. It’s so much more fun when you act childish. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

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