Seeking A Higher Level View

Landon claims he was just seeking a higher level view, but Frankie appears quite unimpressed with his new brother’s talents.

Don't ask me to explain him.

Don’t ask me to explain him.

For those of you with long memories, you will remember that Typhoon used to do the same thing. This post back in 2013 is one of many that shows Typhoon hanging out on top of the outdoor crates. The higher view gives great views into the house to see what the Hu-Dad might be up to.

Or just to hang out.

Or just to hang out.

Fortunately, the strong winds on Monday night did minimal damage around us. We had some tree branches to move out of our road and a number of branches down in the yard, but none of them hit anything important. We were briefly out of power, but the generator kept everything running until our excellent power crews got everything running again. Really, just a normal storm in the mountains when all was said and done.

The largest limb to fall was deep in our field and found during our evening walk.

The largest limb to fall was deep in our field and found during our evening walk.

We continue to think of everyone in the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge area as they bring that wildfire under control. We are supposed to receive rain through Thursday which will give the firefighting crews an upper hand on some of the worst fires.


  1. Lori on November 30, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Yes many prayers for those dealing with the wildfire…. glad Landon got to higher ground away from any storm waters!!! ????

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