The Honeymoon Is Officially Over

Anyone who has adopted a rescue dog knows of the period of time when the dog is on his best behavior. With Landon, we know the honeymoon is officially over.

I am now comfortable in my new home. The honeymoon is officially over.
I am now comfortable in my new home.

When the humans leave the house, we all stay in our crates for our own safety. Well, most of us do. Landon has developed a skill in exiting his crate.

When the humans arrived home Sunday afternoon, Landon happily greeted them with wagging, fluffy tail in the kitchen. Not the room where his crate is. And, obviously, not in his crate.

Behind him on the floor was a still sealed cake container, various kitchen equipment, and cornbread crumbles. The rest of The Herd patiently waited inside their crates inside the humans’ bedroom. Landon’s crate door was still closed, locked, and carabineer installed. He is not revealing exactly how he escaped, but his break-away collar was still inside the crate. The gate separating the bedroom from the rest of the house, however, had obviously been forced open.

Upon further inspection, the only item of concern was a missing bag. The bag contained numerous individual bags of candy typically given away on Halloween. We don’t have Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters, but the candy had been given to our humans to deliver to a program for challenged adults. Landon decided to intercept the bag.

Fortunately, the humans discovered the bags of candy were not eaten. Instead, they were hidden around the house. Individually. Upstairs and downstairs. In shoes. In couch cushions. Under pillows. Under dirty clothes. The bags were found in every room save two – one of the guest bedrooms and Hu-Dad’s study (the door was closed). The humans expect that they will continue to find hidden bags of candy for quite some time.

So we know that Landon feels quite at home at Chez Herd. Enough at home to get into mischief. The humans are so happy.

Sort of.

14 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Is Officially Over”

  1. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Landon should’ve been re-named “Houdini”! You’re going to have to install a surveillance camera to see how he manages to get out of a locked crate when you’re not home! As for the hidden Halloween candy, that’s hilarious. His own version of hiding “Easter Eggs”, maybe? Just so glad he didn’t eat any of it. I’m sure it means he’s happy and comfortable in his new home. Sounds like life with Landon will never be dull!

  2. Atta boy Landon!!! Feeling pretty good about this whole Chez Herd pack are ya!! Way to be sweetie pie!!! So happy you’re home ❤️

  3. My husky girl loves Halloween candy. She figured out how to unwrap the small little mini packages. We have to hide all our candy in a top shelf of a tall cabinet.

  4. What a great story! We knew the honeymoon was over with Chessie when she made the couch pillows her own in different parts of the house. She likes to lounge on them silent-film-actress style.

  5. Landon was just showing off. Now you know his hidden talents. He’s an escape artist, and that takes skill. Squeezing your fluff through all that metal is no easy task. Knowing candy is not good for his humans, he was hiding it for your health. He figured it would take you so long to find it, that the candy would be stale, therefore you won’t eat it. Landon did all of this to let you know he loves his new home. He figures you should be happy with his effort, and thoughtfulness.
    You go Landon. Be your awesome self, you’re finally home, forever.

  6. I had to laugh when I ready his story. We adopted a husky that the shelter had named “Diamond.” He was so sweet and lovable – but they never mentioned that he had separation anxiety.
    We went out for less than an hour and came home to find him standing in the foyer – crate door locked. After several of these miraculous escapes, we renamed him Harry Houdini – just Harry for short. It also took awhile to figure out his escape techniques, as he adapted his approach as we modified the crate in response to them. And of course his separation anxiety slowly came under control.

  7. Oh my, this is so cute. I can just see Landon hiding all that candy here there and everywhere. So glad he is home. Yea, Typhoon and Landon, what a mix.


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