Cheesewhiz Quiet Moment

When you have so many brothers and sisters, sometimes you just want a little peace as we see in this rare Cheesewhiz quiet moment.

A Cheesewhiz quiet moment under a picnic table.

A Cheesewhiz quiet moment under a picnic table.

Everypup was outside snoozing on our covered porches. Hu-Dad glanced outside for a quick nose count and noted that we were one short. Normally, that would imply that Munchkin – aka, Typhoon – would be up to some mischief. In this case, he was quietly napping, albeit upside down with legs in the air.

So peaceful.

So peaceful.

The missing nose belonged to a redhead and Hu-Dad spotted her soon enough napping under the picnic table. The shade from our giant Tree of Life was creating a nice cool napping spot, and Cheoah was taking full advantage of the moment.

Wake me when supper is ready.

Wake me when supper is ready.


  1. Lori on September 24, 2016 at 6:19 am

    Every-up needs some quiet time to rejuvenate the soul ????❤️

  2. Mom, Ice'n Ebby on September 24, 2016 at 6:13 am

    Ice’n Ebby both say: Yes, every pup needs some quiet time, all to themselves. There are some days when we are quite content to just stay “far from the madding crowd”, and let the world get along without us for a short spell. Our hu-Mom used to worry that we weren’t feeling well, but now knows we just want to be alone briefly. (Mind you, it doesn’t last long)

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