October 28, 2015

Weather Accommodations


Yesterday was cool, foggy and rainy, so we had to make some weather accommodations. Snow would have been fun for playing, but this was just yucky.

Yuck. This is nasty. Time for weather accommodations
Yuck. This is nasty.

Hu-Dad had a fire roaring in the fireplace, so we even enjoyed the chance to dry off our furs.

Nice fire, Hu-Dad.
Nice fire, Hu-Dad.
Though, as a Siberian Husky, I am supposed to pretend I don't like warm
Though, as a Siberian Husky, I am supposed to pretend I don’t like warm.

Even if you ignore the warmth of the fire, the comfort of the couches were quite welcomed.

Sigh. This is nice.
Sigh. This is nice.

Though at least one pup complained that too many other pups were in the house. Something about not being able to sleep with all of the noise.

You talk too much, kid.
You talk too much, kid.

Like any adult trapped in a house with rambunctious children, Cheoah did have a fleeting thought of a way to ignore the noise.

Hu-Dad would never notice.
Hu-Dad would never notice.

Sorry, Cheesewhiz, but Hu-Dad did watch you carefully.

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  1. Mom sez: Ah, but a roaring fire, a glass of wine, what better way to chase away the cool, damp fall weather. Just a “small slurp”, hu-Dad?


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