Running the Gauntlet

The picnic table is a prized napping position, but making it back to the house is like running the gauntlet. But what is the obstacle?

cool napping spot in the summer

The picnic table “basement” is a nice, cool napping spot in the summer.

break for the house

Time to make a break for the house.

The distance is not far, but the formidable obstacle soon appears. No one can make it across the yard without his interference.

Typhoon Tornado

The Typhoon Tornado!

Cheoah strategizes

Cheoah pauses and strategizes her next move.

Typhoon blocks her path

She cuts wide, but Typhoon is fast enough to block her path.

game has started

Looks like another game of “tackle-wrestle-bitey face-body slam-tag you’re it” has started!


  1. Mom, Ice 'n Ebby on June 25, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Mom sez: Boy, that Typhoon sure can be a “P.I.T.A.” sometimes. I’ve often wondered, do any of them, at any time, ever get into a FOR REAL “knock-down, drag-out” MAD squabble?

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