April Showers

Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Through April last year, we had had 15.5 inches (39 cm) of rain, but we have already had 20.12 inches (51.1 cm) this year. Over 7 inches of that has happened just in April (and we are not even through the month yet).

If April showers bring May flowers, we should prepare for a big blooming month.

(Note – For those not familiar with our weather, we normally get 50-60 inches (127-152 cm) of rain a year, so we are a fairly rainy area).

smell wet dog

Can you smell wet dog from there?

Anyway, our local weather forecast was that Sunday was going to be a nice day with sunshine and pleasant weather. Ready to guess what we had? Yep. A rain delay on our walking time.

rain delay

What we do during a rain delay.

Don’t worry, we still were able to get out and about yesterday. Most importantly, we got in not one, but two family walks.

family walk

Nothing like a family walk.

So, let’s sum up. Rain. Wrestling matches. Family walk. Fairly normal day for us.

pl;anned for Monday

What do we have planned for Monday?


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