The High Jump

Kiska karate chops Qannik

Kiska karate chops Qannik!

As you can imagine from the above photograph, today’s post is about the racing and wrestling games inside Sibe Quentin. We have lots of pictures of the games that happen.

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can!

Unfortunately, today’s story does not have pictures of the actual event. We wish it did. Really. Because it was one of the best chase moves we have ever seen around here. And, of course, it involves the kangaroo himself, Typhoon.

kangaroo Typhoon

Forget why we call him kangaroo? Check here if you want a refresher.

Typhoon is well known for egging things on until he gets himself into the position of being chased. This particular race, Frankie was hot on his tail. On a straight path, Typhoon might be a little faster, but Frankie is much smarter on cuts and curves and can box the Little Prince in. This particular chase went on for several minutes, curving around the yard, through the Tree of Life, and over the picnic table. With the patience that comes from age, Frankie finally had Typhoon with nowhere to turn.

Sensing his victory, Frankie raced straight at the imp like a freight train. Typhoon looked left and right, but saw no options for escape. At first, he looked like he was bracing himself for the flying tackle from Frankie when suddenly – the high jump.

Frankie was moving so fast that he had no time to brake. Typhoon’s kangaroo legs simply levitated the Little Prince several feet straight up in the air and Frankie blazed underneath him. Typhoon landed, looked a little surprised at his success, and then bolted for the safety of the deck and his crate. By the time Frankie recovered, Typhoon was half way across the yard and to safety.

Yes, yes, yes, we wish we had it on video. Frankie now knows he has to block the left, the right, AND the above to corner the Typhoon Phooey!

P.S. – Yes, Typhoon is earning himself quite the array of nicknames. We might add Ali since he sure has learned Float like a Butterfly!


  1. 24 Paws of Love on May 9, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Video would have been great, but you told it so well I can see it happening before my eyes. Typhoon has got the moves!

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