Valentines Hearts for the Herd Contest – Kiska

We are on our second day of pitches from various members of The Herd to be winners of the Valentines Hearts for the Herd Contest! Up today – Kiska.

Remember, the rules are simple. Mail a Valentine to your favorite member of The Herd at:

Dog’s Name
c/o The Thundering Herd
PO Box 1835
Maggie Valley, NC  28751-1835

If you wish, enclose a contribution by including a check or money order in any amount to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.  Sarge’s helped over 1100 animals find new homes in 2013 – yes, that is an average of 3 every single day – so your money will be going to a terrific cause.  You can click that link to find out all about Sarge’s.

We will reveal which member of The Herd receives the most Valentines and who raises the most money for Sarge’s!

And even better – one lucky reader who mails a Valentine will be selected to win a special prize from Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery!  The bakery is absolutely awesome (we are personal fans of the treats!) and we really value their support!

And now, let’s hear from Kiska!

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The sheer joy of Kiska!

I came into The Herd in August of 2006 right as we were losing Nikita the Great. Nikita was a large personality and all of The Herd (at that point, just Natasha and Rusty) and the humans were a little lost. They went to a rescue with a specific dog in mind. But as often happens, the humans came home with another dog instead – me. (They had just done the same thing when they brought home Rusty!)

I will never talk about whatever happened before getting to rescue. I was found wandering the streets and had developed a very strong fear of humans. Hu-dad, exhausted from the long health decline of Nikita, expressed that he was not sure he was up to working on such a difficult case. The reply he received is one he has never forgotten, “Sometimes, we don’t get the dog we want. Sometimes, we get the dog we need.” And, thus, I rode home to Chez Herd.

hide in the weeds

One of my first pictures on a hike, where I was doing my best to hide in the weeds.

I instantly took to Natasha, she was so strong and confident (despite only being three years old). I followed her everywhere, never more than a few feet away. And, by the way, that hasn’t changed much. Did you notice the Queen’s picture of her laying in front of the fireplace yesterday? Well let me show you that picture again and see if you don’t see me watching over her carefully.


Carefully monitoring everything from behind the couch.

The toughest lesson I had to learn was that there were lots of good humans, not just the hu-dad and those great people at the rescue who decided I was the dog the hu-dad needed (and maybe, he was the human I needed). We spent many a quiet morning in our little downtown so I could sniff people as they walked by – with Natasha and the hu-dad protecting me. It took months before I would move out further on the sidewalk and finally let people pet me.

very serious

Kitchen inspection is a duty I take very seriously.

Today, my jobs are the Enforcer (as Natasha might direct) and the Fun Police (making sure no one gets too loud). Well, ok, I also like cuddling with the hu-dad and let him give me the greatest belly rubs!

too loud

Alright, Natasha, who is getting too loud out here. I will take care of it.

The next time you are looking to add to a pack of your own, don’t look for the dog you want. Look for the dog you need. Because you might just get a dog just like me! (In the meantime, write that check to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation and mail me a Valentine! There is a dog or cat there who needs your help!)

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  1. Stella on January 24, 2014 at 11:35 am

    My Mom loves Kiska and I am pretty sure that is the name that she will be sending to you!


  2. Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady on January 24, 2014 at 11:10 am

    aww she is such a pretty girl!
    I agree, rescues are da best! Always so loving!
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))
    “love is being owned by a husky”

  3. furbabys on January 24, 2014 at 11:04 am

    It seems when ever our Mom wants a furbaby God sends one right to our house. Max is one example. Max was our hu moms brothers dog a coon hound. He decided he didn’t like where he lived and would sneak out our unlces doggy door,hop a 6 ft fence and walk over 2 miles down a winding river road in the late night hours and cry and howl at our front door! Our Hu Mom would open the door and Max would run upstairs and go to bed !! Finally after taking Max home a few times and Max always returning at night, our Hu Mom called her brother and said Max is living with us. This has happened with the last 5 furbabys. So when our hu mom loses a furbaby she waits for that magical, mystical moment when one will come to the house. They say God works in mysterious ways ~ well hu mom is convinced he does ~ God sends a furbaby that always just fits right in~

  4. holly on January 24, 2014 at 9:57 am

    I love your blog today. It brought me to tears because I know how it is to have a rescue dog fearful of people and rehabbing her to love people. It has taken a good 2 years for ours to come out of her shell, but its worth every bit of time because she brings such happiness to our home. Family and Coworkers of mine can’t believe she is the same dog.
    My parents had the same experience of adopting their 2nd husky after losing the first one to old age. Dad went with one in mind and Kodah caught his attention instead and now they are best buds.
    Rescues are great!

  5. houndstooth on January 24, 2014 at 9:20 am

    You know, that’s happened to me more times than I can count! Every time we’ve gone to the adoption kennel with a specific dog in mind, I’ve come home with a different one. Kiska has always reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character with her long furry ear tufts. 🙂

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