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Tartok Tuesday – Hair Theft

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Tartok here. There I was just minding my own business.
And I was attacked with a brush. Something about dropping hair tufts as I was walking around the house.
Ruby here. It was horrible to watch, trust me.
We know this picture is blurry, but can you see how much of Tartok’s furs are being stolen??

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7 thoughts on “Tartok Tuesday – Hair Theft

  1. When i had my aries and i would brush him you could stuff a pillow with his furs. Now that he is gone i wish i would have. My bruce who is a german shepherd is not as furry as a husky, but he is pretty close. He thinks i am punishing him for something when i brush him lmao. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

  2. My mom had the NERVE to steal mine in publikh yesterday – she plukhked me in the yard!

    Then she took me to the vet – where they stole my blood –

    How to get even?

    I know: GROW MORE FURS!

    PeeEssWoo: I’ve got more stuff fur Rusty – khome by the khorner on Saturday!

  3. Oh no! Tell your mom to stop the theft immediately! Doesn’t she know Winter is coming? 🙂

    You’ll just have to grow more! Tell your mom to throw the stolen fur outside, squirrels and birds like to use it to line their nests in the winter.

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