December 26, 2010

Mighty Acorns


Mighty oaks from little acorns grow?  Are you kidding us?  We will just go straight to the mighty acorn.

First, the good news.  The hu-dad was able to pick Queen Natasha up at the hospital Christmas morning and she soon rejoined The Herd.  She is sporting a stylish reverse poodle hair cut on her leg from the IVs that she took.  She certainly napped more than normal all day.  And she is on a special prescription diet with multiple small deals a day (much to the horror of the rest of The Herd).  But she is home.  And as we said on our Facebook Fan Page yesterday – Best Christmas Present Ever.

In front of the hospital right after being discharged.
In front of the hospital right after being discharged.

The doctors ruled out any sort of toxin and artificial blockage, and decided that the irritation in the stomach and intestine membrane came from something she ate.  Specifically, something that irritated the membranes as it moved through her system.

Now all good humans to dogs are quite the poop detective.  But veterinarians are expert poop detectives and, in Natasha’s case, they collected and analyzed what was produced.  The likely suspect – a whole acorn.  Yep, Natasha is quite the fan of the acorns that are readily available in our yard and on walks.  For the most part, they cause no harm and are quite the tasty treat.  BUT, an acorn swallowed whole can cause irritation and that started the chain reaction of events.

Whatever the cause, we are thrilled to have Natasha back in our midst.  She will be on a restricted diet and exercise for several days, but we had a really good sign Christmas Evening that the Queen was back.  We were out for a short walk and Qannik was walking too close.  The Queen growled at him.  Sheeeeeeeee’s back!

P.S. – Thanks to everyone for your well wishes.  We are way behind on reading your blogs, but promise to catch up soon!

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  1. I was just checking to see if there was an update on Queen N. So glad to hear she is home.

    Nuts! We have hazelnuts all over our yard, now I will be on constant look-out.

    Here’s hoping for another quiet and restful day tomorrow.

    So glad everything turned out OK.


  2. haha glad she went right back into her Queen’s ways putting the Herd in check, a good sign indeed! Thanks for the tip about acorns…they are EVERYWHERE now so good to keep a mindful eye!


  3. We didn’t know about Queen Natasha and are so glad she is ok. And having her home is the best Christmas gift, EVER! Merry Christmas to you all!

    Teddy Bear


  4. So good to hear that the Herd is all back together again and that Natasha is just fine. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  5. That’s such GREAT news! The Queen is back!

    One time, R ate a pine cone whole. Believe it or not, it came out the other end with no problems in transit. We were astounded.

    I’m glad that you got the best Christmas present possible.


  6. You’ve been in our thoughts and we’re delighted everything is fine. Our Lucy is notorious for picking up acorns and we’ve had several GI problems as a result. No matter how closely we watch her, she will occasionally get one. We make a mouth sweep every time we come indoors.


  7. Yea! Queen Natasha is back!!!
    I hope your new diet isn’t too yucky. It’s not that I/D stuff, is it? Sometimes they make me eat that and I think it’s yucky!
    I like your pink bandage. Zimmie and I got purple ones (KSU is a total purple zone!) – and believe me, we have some funky hair cuts, too! At least it’s a good time of year to grow our furs back in, right!?!?
    We’re so glad you’re home! Hope you’re feeling 100% real soon!


  8. Oh I’m so sorry to only just hear about Natasha and so thankful too that she’s on the mend and back with you all. You must have been so worried – and all this at a time when you want to simply relax.
    Get better Natasha!
    With lotsaluv


  9. It would have been the best Christmas present for me, too! Funny how something so benign could cause such a big problem. I’m so glad she’s home!

    I grew up with a dad who dreamed of raising cowboys, but had two little girls instead. He loved Westerns and if an old Clint Eastwood movie was playing on the old Fox channel, he’d let me stay up until 2:00 in the morning with him to watch. If you like the old classic Westerns, go see True Grit! It’s not a fast-paced action movie, but it’s a compelling story and very true to the original film. But, I can’t lie to you, Little Blackie doesn’t make it in this version, either! I loved the movie, though!


  10. OMD!!! We are so behind, that we were unaware that the Queen was in hospital – poor dear – you must have been worried sick. So glad to see this post, however – that she was home for xmas and is all right – and… getting better all the time with the grrrrrrs. Good for you Natasha! Happy Boxing Day!
    Sammie and Avalon and a little Mom


  11. hello queen natasha the evil its dennis the vizsla dog hay ok repeet after me!!!

    i am not a skwirrel
    i am not a skwirrel
    i am not a skwirrel
    i am not a hay wot is all this abowt a skwirrel is their a skwirrel owtside?!?!? bark bark bark bark bark ok bye


  12. So glad to hear the Queen is back on her throne! We have a ton of acrons around here and the 24 Paws love to munch on them. Thank goodness at the moment we have snow, but it is something to keep an eye on.

    Good to hear the Queen hasn’t lost her touch!!


  13. We are so happy Natasha is OK. We’ve had so many acorns in our back yard and I’ve worked hard at trying to keep her from eating them–not that it works all the time.


  14. I haven’t had the chance to check on blogs around, and was surprised to read that Natasha wasn’t feeling all mighty! Glad that she’s better now though. Get well soon, Queen Evil!



  15. Oh nos! I missed this! I’m so glad she’s home and back to normal by letting the boys know who’s boss!

    How scary, but also a wonderful Christmas present!!


  16. Oh no! Sorry we’re late in reading. So glad all turned out ok. I love acorns too…will have to be on better alert around these tempting little things. Yikes!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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